Mobilizing for Palestine

Fundraising Appeal for Palestine

BLOOM is fundraising to provide psychosocial support programs to children living in Palestinian refugee camps, and to provide mental health services to Palestinian children traveling to the United States for medical treatment.

The Mobilizing4Palestine program is multifaceted and includes:

Psychosocial support programs and material goods for children in Palestinian refugee camps. BLOOM is hosting uplifting party events, with games, music, art and entertainment, and providing coats and warm blankets to uplift spirits at refugee centers in Rafah City, South Gaza. BLOOM has hired a group of freelance journalists to execute this work as our on the ground coordinators. They are recruiting entertainers and musicians and coordinating games and art activities to bring relief to the children. In this way we are empowering the local community to be the shepherds of their own healing.

Mental health services and wellness programs for Palestinian patients and their companions traveling to the United States for medical treatment. Assessments will be conducted by BLOOM in Egypt before travel, and the patients will be connected to mental health practitioners that are trauma informed, Arabic speaking and culturally competent to begin care upon arrival. BLOOM will train the volunteer community, caregivers and providers to be trauma informed and culturally competent. We will develop an online community for support, so the patients and families can find comfort in one another and share experiences.

BLOOM has authored a Trauma Informed Care and Cultural Competency Guide to support all those who are involved in the support of displaced and/or injured Palestinians. These guidelines will help to insure that those working with Palestinians, both in the United States and in other regions do not do unintentional harm.


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