Our Mission

BLOOM supports Moroccan orphanages with intervention programs targeting early childhood development and mental health. Simultaneously, BLOOM builds a community of support for Moroccan adoptees living in the USA. 
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Our Vision

BLOOM Charity improves the overall well-being and long-term outcomes of institutionalized orphans in Morocco by focusing on their early childhood development and mental health, while also creating a community of support for Moroccan adoptees living in the USA.  
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Our Goals

BLOOM creates programs in Moroccan orphanages targeting education, social, cognitive, motor skills, school readiness & mental health by providing:  1.Equal access to play, sports & education, 2.Support for US Moroccan adoptive families and 3.Advocacy for orphans and their basic human rights.
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We provide at-risk orphans with opportunities to:

  • Learn-Through-Play

  • Exercise 

  • Build Community

World Mental Health Day 2019
Heal Trauma
Nurture Spirits
Promote Literacy and
Transform Lives

Children supported through our projects & programs since 2018:


BLOOM supports 5 of the U.N’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

BLOOM Charity is a grassroots non-profit.
We stretch every dollar as far as we can.
None of us gets a salary.
We are involved with BLOOM Charity because we are determined to fill
the orphanages in Morocco with
laughter, learning, hope and healing.

Thank you for your support.