Free, unstructured play
is the greatest gift we can give children;
Healthy, adventurous, curious children
are the greatest gifts we can give to society.
Amina Shams

Hope blooms when children play.

BLOOM’s ‘Magical PlayGardens’ campaign provides institutionalized orphans with opportunities for unstructured outdoor experiences by establishing sensory gardens and play spaces in orphanages. BLOOM also helps orphanages develop strategies to incorporate play into daily life.

Happier, Healthier, Smarter.

Children who play or garden are happier, smarter, healthier and more social. Play and gardening help children develop important life skills including emotional regulation and self-reliance.

Institutionalized orphans, particularly the disabled population, spend an alarming amount of time indoors, stationary, in confined spaces, and without stimulation.

Magical PlayGardens

BLOOM's 'Magical PlayGardens' are designed to provide orphans with outdoor spaces to create, collaborate, problem-solve, build relationships, innovate, be mindful, relax and be physically and cognitively stimulated. The children are empowered by contributing to the design of their own garden and have a sense of pride and ownership in the completed project.

The PlayGardens provide children with an opportunity to engage in free unstructured play and enjoy lush natural environments to nourish their five basic senses, providing opportunities for them to dig their hands in dirt, smell scented herbs, hear birdsongs and feel velvety rose petals.

Considering the extremely dire outcomes for orphans aging out of institutions, BLOOM Charity helps them develop the skills necessary to blossom into resilient, mentally and physically healthy adults and good citizens.