A Letter to Adoptive Families of Moroccan Children:

Dear families of an adopted child from Morocco,

Assalamo alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatahu.

Here we are once again, reaching out to one another. Our need to connect remains, although the urgency has diminished.

We may have talked for hours on the phone discussing the Universal Accreditation Act, or brainstormed anticipated expenses on the ground in Morocco.

We may have discussed dossier requirements, circumcision plans, or how to breastfeed as an adoptive mother.

We may have had a fleeting hug at the annual reunion, or shared a cab ride in Meknes.

Regardless of how or when we met, we recognized each other right away; we recognized the grit, determination and passion with which we chose to create our families; we recognized the hopeful longing for a child we didn’t know; we recognized the willingness to overcome any obstacle to bring our baby home. We experienced Allah’s regular reminders that we were on the right path and there was a deliciously sweet fruit waiting for us at the end of this difficult journey.

We understand each other’s experiences in an intimate way; we know the guarded bliss of meeting our child for the first time, the elation of being granted kafala, and the long weeks of waiting for our child’s passport to be made. Our children were birthed from the same land; they shared a bed and drank the same milk in their earliest days of life. We are uniquely bonded in this experience, forever friends.

We now share an inexplicably deep bond with Morocco, and are unable to forget the children left behind. One of BLOOM Charity’s goals is to strengthen our bond as a community of adoptive families, while also giving back to the children left behind. Through BLOOM, our adoptive children will grow up knowing others who share their life experience.

Annual reunion celebrations will give our children pride in their heritage and adoption story. BLOOM’s online forums will allow us to share triumphs, challenges and advice while raising adopted children. Through BLOOM’s charity programs, we will also be able to provide support to the children that remain in Moroccan orphanages.

We look forward to strengthening our bond as a community of adoptive families, creating a safe place to share our experiences, and having a network of support as we raise our little blessings.

With prayers and best wishes,

Amina Shams and Noma Saeed,

Adoptive Mothers | CoFounders, BLOOM Charity

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