Play is a human right.

Play is so vital to a child’s optimal development that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has recognized it as a human right of every child.

Play is healthy.

Play helps kids create, collaborate, problem-solve, communicate and become physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated.

Play makes kids happy.

Play promotes healthy emotional development. It allows children to express and release their conscious and unconscious experiences, including those surrounding grief and loss. Mental health professionals have been utilizing the therapeutic powers of play as a method for emotional healing for decades.

Play makes kids smart.

"Play is the chief vehicle for the development of imagination and intelligence, language, social skills, and perceptual-motor abilities in infants and young children."

Play makes kids social.

Unstructured playtime that allows for peer interactions is an integral component for social-emotional learning and building community. It is vital during the developmental years, when physical, emotional and social growth is most dramatic. It is through these play experiences children develop self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and social knowledge. 

Play makes kids active.

Playing outdoors enables children to relish in the natural environment and be physically active. Through play, children develop fine and gross motor skills, which in turn builds independence. Running, climbing, stretching and swinging strengthens muscles, improves coordination and increases confidence. Outdoor play leads to a love of exercise, fresh air and being active.

Considering the extremely dire outcomes for orphans aging out of institutions, BLOOM Charity uses opportunities for play as methods for orphans to develop the skills necessary to blossom into resilient, healthy adults and good citizens.

Can you imagine a childhood without play?

Due to limited resources, this human birthright is challenged for institutionalized orphans around the world.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of orphans. 
Plant the seeds of love!

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