BLOOM Charity is the product of a lifelong vision of two sisters who adopted children from a Moroccan orphanage. Their long, winding and beautifully interconnected adoption journeys allowed them to ultimately realize their shared dream of uplifting orphaned children. In 2015 Amina adopted her son at 3 months old and a year later Noma adopted her son at 4 years old. Their boys have flourished in their new homes with the nurturing love provided to them by their adoptive families. They have brought with them immeasurable light and laughter. 

Amina and Noma remain committed to the children they could not bring home. Children in Moroccan orphanages are provided food and shelter, but there are simply not enough resources to provide support for their early childhood development, primary education or mental health . Amina and Noma observed infants that had little muscle tone because they are rarely held. They observed babies, crying for hours on end, in stark rooms with rows of bare metal cribs. They observed toddlers sitting, for days on end, in rooms with no natural sunlight and no place to play. 

Amina and Noma yearn for opportunities for all the children in Moroccan orphanages. They have engaged in managing and funding various charitable programs in Morocco since 2015. They have sent crib mobiles, sensory toys, and games for the orphans. They have hired dedicated caregivers to nurture and play with the infants and toddlers. The positive response and success of these programs compelled them to begin BLOOM Charity. 

BLOOM Charity (Building Lives Of Orphans from Morocco) is the first 501 (c)3 nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to providing mental health and early childhood development programs for Moroccan orphans. 

At BLOOM, we recognize the tremendous psychosocial needs of institutionalized orphans. We hope to improve their quality of life so they can blossom into adults that realize their full potential. 

BLOOM’s first campaign heals and uplift institutionalized children through sensory gardens and play spaces. 

We hope that you will consider joining our campaign to heal and uplift children in Moroccan orphanages. Together, we can help orphans in Morocco realize their full potential. Please join BLOOM Charity’s campaign to plant the seeds of love