Mobilizing for Morocco

Mobilizing for Morocco - Bridging the Gap for Children Impacted by the 2023 Moroccan Earthquake

In times of crisis, children often suffer the most. BLOOM is introducing a new program area through which we will advocate for the needs of and provide a range of support services to vulnerable children in crisis situations. This includes children impacted by natural disasters, pandemics, displacement and war and conflict. 

In September 2023 a 6.8 magnitude earthquake devastated the underdeveloped Atlas mountain region of Morocco. Entire villages, including schools, were destroyed and inaccessible. Many survivors remain without adequate shelter and in dire need of healthcare services, including psychological support. When schooling is halted by a disaster, the need to maintain an education and routine is of paramount importance. The longer children remain out of school, the more vulnerable they become. 

BLOOM took immediate action in the earthquake’s aftermath. Within 72 hours we convened a group of partner organizations to assess the mid and long-term needs of the population, to determine how we can best support the rebuilding of communities long-after the disaster relief organizations are gone.

BLOOM Charity has now launched the “Bridging the Gap: Sustainable Support for Children Impacted by the Moroccan Earthquake” Program with a mission to offer long-term support to vulnerable children impacted by the September 2023 earthquake in Morocco with a focus on bridging the gaps in education, providing mental health support programs, healthcare services, and empowering them to reconstruct their lives and communities. We strive to rejuvenate their ecosystems by advocating for sustainable practices ensuring a resilient and prosperous future for both the children and their communities. Through this program we envision villages rebuilt around their school community; schools with educators trained in trauma informed care, rich and resourceful libraries, BLOOM PlayGardens that provide mental health relief and sustenance through vegetable gardens, and wells to alleviate the burden of retrieving water from these communities.

The BLOOM team is actively engaged in developing partnerships and programs for children facing crisis, conflict and displacement around the world. We will add projects to this program on an ongoing basis, as things develop.

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