Hakim Ouansafi is a member of the State of Hawaii government responsible for billions of dollars of Federal and State housing assets and programs. He is the founder of Diamond Hotels & Resorts, First Commercial Consulting Services, Mikah import & Export, and SILAH LLC. Hakim is well known for his decades of public service and leadership in the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation, the Interfaith Alliance Hawaii, SILAH LLC, the Hawaiʻi Coalition for Civil Rights, State Council on Homelessness and the Muslim Association of Hawaii. Hakim’s commitment to his faith, and to his birth country of Morocco, was the driving force behind establishing multiple charitable initiatives to benefit the orphans and the most vulnerable of our societies as well as securing September 24th. as “Islam Day in Hawaii”, November 30th. as “Morocco Appreciation Day”, and multiple Sister & State Government Partnership Agreements between the State of Hawaii and Kingdom of Morocco.

Hakim Ouansafi has been recognized with numerous honors, awards and accommodations including the Flame of Hope Award, Hawaii Man of the Year, the State of Hawaii decreeing May14th, his birth date, as “Hakim Ouansafi Recognition & Appreciation Day”, the Hawaii State Legislature and Senate’s “Recognition and Honor for Outstanding Achievement and Service to the People of Hawaii”, C&C of Honolulu “Honor for Ultimate Dedication, Hard Work and Tenure for Hakim’s never-ending work for the greater good of the State of Hawaii”. His lifelong commitment to social justice and philanthropic initiatives has earned him the world prestigious international Doctor Honoris Causa for Hakim’s “humanitarian and charitable actions both in the areas of housing, and in that no less important of access to water and the link between the different religious communities in the Pacific.”