Concerns During Our Adoption

During my family’s adoption process I was ecstatic. But being my mature 9-year-old self I did have many concerns. Most of my them I found were quite common in my age group. But now, a few years later, I can tell you that everything turns out well.

One of many worries I had was if I would get less attention. My parents made sure I felt included by making it like I was adopting Younes alongside them. For instance, they brought me on long car rides where we listened to songs dedicated to him, we prayed every evening for him together, and bought gifts and clothes for him. Just doing this grew my love for him and anticipation for his arrival. Making our journey all that much better.

Another distress I had was how Younes’s arrival would impact our family lifestyle. Although welcoming a baby into a family is a big deal, our transition was smooth. Younes fits our family like a glove and I couldn’t imagine what we would do without him. I was worried I’d have to be woken up by his crying at night, or that he wouldn’t like me. Now, I find it silly I could ever think of such a thing. I adore him just as he loves me.

Now after the wild adventure, I can say that through my journey and experience I learned a lot. Bringing Younes home is one of the greatest things I have to share about myself. I’m so happy that I get to call him my brother and be with him. Although it may seem stressful at first, adopting is a expedition that you will eventually see the beauty in.

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